Stress and Anxiety Management

Stress and Anxiety Management

Being stressed out may be the most commonly used saying in America. How do we keep up with all that our lives have become? So many people do not take the time they need for themselves for so many reasons. This causes a tremendous overload to their emotional well being. It is critical that you evaluate stress in your life and look for ways to decrease it and develop or utilize appropriate outlets to deal with it.

Males more than females tend to hold onto their stress and not partake in activities that may give the kind of stress relief needed to maintain a stress free life style.

Obviously some moderate amount of stress in our lives is good because it is what drives us to fulfill our responsibilities. However, it is important to determine if you are experiencing too much stress in your life.

Anxiety can occur in the course of stress but it is commonly a separate issue. There are many questions to ask regarding your own anxiety.

  • In what context does it occur?
  • Is it always there?
  • Are there times when it is worse?
  • Are you dealing with something big in your life now?
  • Does it ever occur for no reason at all?
  • Are there any things that you do that make it better?
  • Have you seen a doctor for a medical examination to make sure it is not a medical condition?

The answers to these questions are only a starting point for us to help you. However, we are here to get you through whatever is going on with your anxiety and we will help you determine if medication is something that will make things better or if therapy alone is the answer.

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