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My son is a drug attic.

My son is a drug attic. He always comes home with friends and stays up late and I can not handle it anymore. I need help to understand how to get my son to get help. How do I get him to come with me to see you or a therapist?

This is a tough situation that unfortunately does not have an easy answer. There are many things you can try and all depend on your current situation. You can plead or bargain if you have any leverage such as threatening to kick him out or not help him in anyway. You can also rely on the closeness that you may have and demand him to go. However, at the end of the day, you cannot force him physically and if it’s that bad then you have to begin by getting help for yourself. You can’t rush a decision or intervention and rushing can blow a golden opportunity. I would suggest you sitting down with a therapist and weighing out your options and thoroughly discussing your current situation. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.

My wife and I have been arguing more…

My wife and I have been arguing more and she thinks Im cheating when I haven . the trust is gone and I do not know why. help me!!!

Hi Sam, thanks for contacting me. I’d love to help you. Please contact my office manager Ellen Fry for an immediate appointment.

My sister and I need to have an intervention with my mom…

My sister and I need to have an intervention with my mom. She is withering away from loosing so much weight, constantly stressed, and never without pills. I am afraid if we don’t do something soon she will die. My dad lives with her and acts like nothing is wrong. What can we do?

my first reaction is that you need to confront her. However, you have to ask yourself if your relationship can sustain her being mad at you if she is in denial.If you are close with her then you and your sister should definately speak to her about your concerns and see what she says. Email me for further instructions.

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