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Problems with our children begin at a young age. whether your child is struggling with adjustment at school, has been characterized as oppositional or ADHD, or you just seem to have a difficult time setting limits with your child, we are here to help you.

Our youth face tremendous challenges today and parents are struggling to keep up with the issues they are presented with. Many parents begin to become less and less engaged in the behaviors of their youth while other parents are over involved. So how does a parent find the balance?

We have a vast amount of experience working with all age teens and we commonly deal with issues such as self mutilation, teen drug use, sexual activity, suicidal thoughts or attempts, eating disorders, and overall adjustment.

The most important way to deal with your youth’s life is to remain engaged. Do not turn a blind eye. Young teens are going to experiment with drugs, probably have sex, and most likely take part in many risky behaviors.

How you handle their behaviors will have a great impact on if your youth will share their experiences with you. If you are too rigid you will learn very little, but if you are too flexible your heart may be devastated to find out your innocent child is not so innocent.

We believe that once your teen is partaking in acting out behaviors, it is evident that you have probably lost control. We want the entire family to be a well functioning unit where each person is able to get their emotional needs met without having to harm themselves.

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