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Relationship Compatibility Test | Couples Counseling Santa Clarita

By: Goodman Therapy
Date: February 17, 2014

Couples Counseling Santa Clarita

Many couples come into therapy and report relationship dissatisfaction and some don’t even know why. By taking this quiz you should be able to determine either why your relationship works well or what areas you struggle in.

You are going to be asked three questions about each of the categories below using a scale of 1-10 (1 being the worst 10 the best). Make sure to answer separately then compare your answers. What is an issue for one of you may not be an issue for the other.

  1. How compatible are you with the issue?
  2. How big of an issue is this?
  3. How well can you communicate about it(productively and without argument)?

extended family
friends and your social life
leisure and hobbies
food and drink
music, movies, and television
stress management (how well you each handle it)
emotional connection
organization and cleanliness

What did you learn from the test? Were your numbers similar to one another? This a good place to begin dialog in the areas of weakness. Work on compromise so that you can address the issues in your relationship by talking about where you can meet in the middle and how to bridge your gap or improve in the areas that you struggle with. Try this on your own as a couple and if it goes well then you should experience improved relationship satisfaction. Remember, the key to going through this process is improved communication and learning to compromise. Many of us chose partners to bring to ourselves areas that we are lacking. However, in the long term this can have a very negative effect on your relationship if you don’t learn to work as a team on your differences. If this process does not work well for you, allow the therapists at Goodman Therapy to further assist you in addressing the deficits in your relationship. You can contact us today for a free first session. Couples Counseling Santa Clarita,

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